Q. How do i request a box to be returned?

A. We try to make it simple, boxes can be requested either by telephone or by email. Emergency requests must be made by telephone plus either a fax or email

Q. What information do i have to give so the correct box can be found?

A. You can either quote the unique bar code, or you can just quote your box reference.

Q. How will i obtain the barcode numbers?

A. These can be found on the new box deposit report, which will be forwarded to you shortly after your boxes have been deposited with us.

Q. Will my box be returned quickly?

A. Yes, as we specialise solely in archive storage, we can guarantee an efficient personal service.

Q. What if i require the contents of each box to be entered onto your system?

A. We can list all the contents of your boxes if you wish, keyword searches can then be performed on this information at a later date to find a particular file, within seconds. A small charge is incurred per box for this service at initial registration.

Q. Will i be able to set levels of access for different members of my staff?

A. Yes, any request for information that does not meet approved security levels will not be processed without further authorisation

Q. How can you ensure complete confidentiality?

A. Each box has its own unique barcode, which means that your company name need never appear on the box, the box will be stored randomly within our facility, and will never be opened.

Q. Who will be handling my boxes?

A. The directors of the company are hands on in the day to day running of the company, and all our staff are police checked, they also sign a confidentiality agreement. All staff are uniformed and carry ID cards.

Q. When and why might you replace any of our boxes?

A. We would not replace any of your boxes without consulting you first, however, we would recommend that boxes would be replaced under the following circumstances

* Where the box is so badly damaged that the contents are in danger of being damaged

* When the box is over the weight set down by health and safety regulations

* When the box is in such a condition that it cannot be stored or transported safely

Q. What are the regulations regarding the weight of an archive box?

A. In accordance with health and safety regulations for manual handling, the maximum weight of any box should be no more than 15Kg

Q. How can i track the movements of a box?

A. When the box has been placed onto our system, all subsequent movements are monitored. A free quarterly box report will be produced to keep you informed as to who has had access to the box and at what date and time.

Q. What if my needs are different from your packages?

A. The FileRoom is flexible and will be happy to discuss any special requirements with you.

Q. Will you be able to help us arrange and pack our boxes?

A. Yes, one of our staff can come to your workplace to assist in the packing and labelling etc. to ensure a smooth transition to the FileRoom. A charge per man hour is entailed.

Q. What systems are in place for destructions?

A. A destruction date for each box can be logged into our system and these can be reported on at any time. We will advise you when this date has been reached [this avoids you paying storage costs on boxes that no longer need to be held]. Once we have recieved confirmation from you, we will go ahead with the destruction. A certificate of destruction can be issued if necessary.

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